Fall RiverTom Cabral was the man for Fall River. It just took seven years in North Carolina for him to figure that out. And now, as Lead Pastor of Redemption Fellowship of Fall River, Pastor Tom is living out a calling to bring the Gospel back to his hometown. In this video, you will see Tom in an improbable, impromptu microcosm of church planting in general. God is working out His plan through His faithful servants. The evidence, once you begin to take steps in His name, is often right in front of you.

Note on geography: Because Fall River is situated outside the 495 Loop,  it is in the region of the Massachusetts Baptist Association, Ray Allen, DOM. We want to encourage you – if you have interest in learning more about the Fall River / New Bedford area – to connect with Ray at the MBA offices in Northboro, MA.

Ray Allen | 617.851.5216 | massbaptist508@gmail.com