Salem – It is more than the home of a witchcraft museum. Salem is home to more than 40,000. It is an historic seaport and one of the first settlements in New England. It remains today a hub of seafaring activity, of residential neighborhoods, tourism and everything New England. It is a younger group with fewer college grads than neighboring Peabody or Danvers. It has a growing segment of Hispanics who account for nearly 15 percent of the population. And whether for Anglos or Hispanics or any other ethnicity, it has exactly zero Southern Baptist churches.

Ministry Match

The church planter for Salem will be well equipped for outreach to postmoderns, pagans and Wiccans. He can also target ministry to the homeless as almost 10 percent of the population lives below the poverty line.

And as is the case in most cities, this church planter can at the same time engage a tourism industry and Bed and Breakfasts, to creation care and outdoor activities, servant evangelism, outreach at arts and music festivals, and use of history to engage culture.

Census Highlights
  • Population – 41,547
  • Household mean income – $75,041
  • Median age – 36.9
  • College degree – 31.3 percent
  • White – 84.5 percent, Hispanic 14.7
  • SBC churches – 0
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PreceptGroup Reports

First View 2010 for Zip 01970 – Church-specific research from PreceptGroup reflecting People and PlaceFaces of DiversityCommunity Issues, and Faith Preferences.

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