Peabody – It is like a sister-city to Danvers and to Salem, but Peabody is the big sister. With more than 50,000 residents, the northern burbs of Beverly-Peabody-Danvers-Salem account for more than 160,000 people. These are the northern, bedroom communities that are still within a half-hour commute into Boston. And Peabody is different from these other towns in the way it has retained a distinctively small-town, farming town feel while at the same time becoming home for Northshore mall and other yuppy-loving services. The Hispanic spill-over from Salem has seen the population of Hispanics in Peabody grow to more than 5 percent.

Ministry Match

The church planter for Peabody will be able to thrive among  yuppies and country folk. That is, he can play golf and put his hand to the plow.

And as would be expected from a larger population, the church planter for Peabody will likely have to focus first on one segment of an economically diverse population and seek to grow from that platform.

Census Highlights
  • Population – 51,186
  • Household mean income – $81,103
  • Median age – 43.4
  • College degree – 23.3 percent
  • White – 91.1 percent, Hispanic 5.3
  • SBC churches – 0
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PreceptGroup Reports

First View 2010 for Zip 01960 – Church-specific research from PreceptGroup reflecting People and PlaceFaces of DiversityCommunity Issues, and Faith Preferences.

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