Lynn – This is the city north of The City. Lynn is ethnic diversity, racial diversity, economic diversity, the melting pot. More than 27 percent of the population is Hispanic. More than 13 percent is Black. Lynn is young and old, but mostly young. They do not have college degrees. They make less money and live with less. And for the most part they do not complain about it. This is the densely populated city life that for almost 90,000 residents is just home.

Ministry Match

The church planter for Lynn understands the city. He understands needs and giving life to the gospel as hands and feet on the ground, and at work in the community.

Lynn is a town of nearly 90,000 people, and as such, the pioneer church planter for Lynn will need to focus on a target group, a target neighborhood and have a mind for multiplication. And whether he is planting to reach Hispanics or not, the church planter for Lynn would do well to have some Spanish in his repertoire or on his team.

Census Highlights
  • Population – 87,196
  • Household mean income – $59,168
  • Median age – 35.2
  • College degree – 17.7 percent
  • White – 69.3 percent, Hispanic 27.7
  • Black – 13.7 percent
  • SBC churches – 1 (Cambodian)
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  • Community Facts – Use this US Census search to find a number of different demographic reports that should be very useful
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