Gloucester – It can boast of being the first settlement in Massachusetts, and the oldest fishing port in America. It is also the real-life setting of the Perfect Storm, a film about a town that has lost not just one crew, but over the last 400 years more than 10,000 men at sea. Needless to say, Gloucester is a serious fisherman’s village. It is home to Gorton’s and other seafood wholesalers. And to support the industry, a city of more than 30,000 lives on both sides of the Annisquam River, most in outlying neighborhoods surrounding the city’s downtown and port.

Ministry Match

A local school superintendent was quoted “families are broken, many of our young people are growing up directionless.” He was speaking to reporters in 2008 about the unprecedented number pregnancies in the high school. The church planter for Gloucester will not be afraid to dig into the real needs of hard-working families. He has got to earn the trust and respect of a culture that lives in the shadow of some of the most dangerous seas in the world. On the bright side, the church planter for Gloucester will have ample opportunity to use the waterfront, parks and recreation to reach the community.[clear /]

Census Highlights
  • Population – 30,264
  • Household mean income – $86,215
  • Median age – 45.6
  • College degree – 27.5 percent
  • White – 96.8 percent
  • SBC churches – 0
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