Danvers – It’s  yuppy, it’s cool, it’s Danvers. It’s schools and parks and the little league field, and yes, it’s the mall. This the a northern suburb that is still connected to the city by highway, by bus routes, and most of all by attitudes. In Danvers it is single family homes and front yards, but in Danvers these residents have found the right balance. They are the 40-somethings. Most are white, college grads making north of $100K and commuting about a half-hour one-way to work every day.

Ministry Match

The church planter for Danvers understands money, small business, the corporate ladder and broken families. He understands the miseries that come for chasing and finding “success.” He understands a community that views even its “affordable” neighborhoods as those where homes start in the mid-to-high-$300s.

This church planter will reach single moms and kids, and those still-married moms and kids with absentee husbands and dads. Financial classes, youth, after-school, mall ministries, servant evangelism, arts and music festivals, and ministry to health services professionals are all needed here.

Census Highlights
  • Population – 26,775
  • Household mean income – $93,132
  • Median age – 44.2
  • College degree – 32.9 percent
  • White – 96.1 percent, Hispanic 2.1
  • SBC churches – 0
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  • Community Facts – Use this US Census search to find a number of different demographic reports that should be very useful
PreceptGroup Reports

First View 2010 for Zip 01923 – Church-specific research from PreceptGroup reflecting People and PlaceFaces of DiversityCommunity Issues, and Faith Preferences.

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