Bridgewater –  It was always the home of State College, but now Bridgewater is home of Bridgewater State University. And while it is a town of more than 25,000, the University is reporting more than 10,000 students. BSU, founded in 1840,  is the largest state college outside of the University of Massachusetts system. Apart from the university, Bridgewater is a quaint, somewhat rural, stop between two larger cities: Taunton to the south and Brockton to the north.

Ministry Match

The church planter for Bridgewater will have to connect to the University and all opportunities that come with reaching students.

Yet, at the same time, the church planter for Bridgewater will have to find ways to engage the general public through his ministry to BSU.

Census Highlights
  • Population – 26,948
  • Household mean income – $64,800
  • Median age – 36.6
  • College degree – 29.6 percent
  • White – 93.1 percent, Black 3.5
  • State University Students – 11,000+
  • SBC churches – 0
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