VIDEO: Mission Team Training

When you come and serve the church planters of New England and Greater-Boston, you become part of God’s story in one of the most influential and least-reached places in North America.

And to be most effective in the field, teams need to prepare.

This training video takes you right into the thoughts and needs of the planters, and those they are trying to serve.

If you are already coming to serve a plant in New England or Boston, we pray this training serves you well. Use it in your first team meeting or even in your informational meetings.

And if you are still just thinking about whether God would use you to bring a team up here, we pray this video will help you get to a firm decision, whatever that decision is.

We have hundreds of teams coming throughout the year. They are a tremendous help to our work here. Get involved. Contact Joe Souza – Boston Church Planting – (617) 259-4638.

Matt King: Why I moved from Durham, NC to Hub Church Boston

All he did was ask “What could it look like?” And God answered, “Hub Church Boston.” Check in here with Matt King and listen to how God moved him to Boston.

Thank you Matt, and thank you Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, NC for producing this piece, and for allowing us to share it here.

And thank you for watching. Please connect with Matt and Pastor Charlie Dunn at Hub Church Boston here.


NAMB Interview with Josh Wyatt: The Answer

NAMB sent a production team to Boston in 2012 to get answers.

“If there is a God, why would he put me through this?” That was the question Sherdain Carter asked when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. In this video, see how Josh Wyatt and the Southern Baptist church he planted in Sherdain’s Boston neighborhood helped her find the answer.

We hope our church planting catalyst may help you find some answers as you explore your call to Boston. Connect with our church planting catalyst, Joe Souza here.

NAMB Video: Word Association

A NAMB production team hit the streets of Boston in 2012 and asked some simple questions. We hope this short vid will prompt you to ask some questions of your own; like “When am I going to connect with Joe Souza?” E-mail with our church planting catalyst here.

Interview with Boston Church Planter Curtis Cook

Cambridge (Hope Fellowship) – Welcome to Hope Fellowship, one of our most mature church plants thanks in large part to Curtis Cook and the team God called to this area in 2003. With its incredible proximity to Harvard,  MIT and thousands of students, Hope has steadily and consistently been ministering the Gospel, and by God’s grace, making a difference. Cook serves now not only as Lead Pastor, but as a mentor to other planters, as NAMB Church Planting Catalyst, and as Send City Coordinator for the Boston City Coalition.

VIDEO: Are You Ready, Fall River, MA? – On the street with Tom Cabral

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VIDEO: Are You Ready, Fall River, MA? – On the street with Tom Cabral

FALL RIVER, MA – When you live and serve in a blue-collar city like Fall River, MA, your best opportunity to share the Gospel is to take it to the streets. And where better than the corner of Rodman and Plymouth Avenues, Fall River’s busiest intersection.

Come along with planter / pastor Tom Cabral of Redemption Fellowship of Fall River as he carries his cross and shares the redeeming message of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Charlie Dunn: through the lens of a Boston church planting residency

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Charlie Dunn: through the lens of a church planting residency

The road to Boston was not easy. Their decision finally to come was. For Charlie Dunn, his wife Abby and daughter Brooklyn, they answered God’s call to church planting with a curious “yes” and an understanding that He would lead them to the right city.

So God led them in the winter of 2011 to four feet of snow and 9 degrees below zero. It was their first vision trip to Boston. Two trips later, and with the right connections, the Dunns are serving in a 12-month church planting residency with Pastor Bland Mason of City on a Hill Church in Brookline, MA.

Why Boston? Why now? What’s next. Listen in as Charlie shares a vision God has given him to plant a new church out of City on Hill in 2013.


Todd Burus: the church planter for Charlestown, Boston, MA

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Todd Burus: the church planter for Charlestown, Boston, MA – Todd Burus is coming to Charlestown! So how is it that more than a year before he will even pack his family and the truck in Louisville, KY, he is running a Kid’s Games camp for over 200 kids? The answer: teamwork.

The effort that was begun by Joe Souza’s Celebration Church in 2005 has now been officially handed off to Burus. And with the help of Tanner Turley and his team from Redemption Hill Church Medford, MA, the event was a great success.

“It’s incredible,” Burus said, “the welcome  we received and the way the community just embraced us. We are looking forward to great things with this ministry in the future.”

Burus is planning to relocate to Charlestown in 2013. He will begin working with Turley and Jon Chasteen at Redemption Hill before being sent out formally.

You can learn more about Burus at