IN THE NEWS: CBN Features Celebration, NetCast and Boston Church Planting

New Kind Of Evangelism Transforming Boston (video above on CBN)

Many thanks to Paul Strand of CBN for coming to Boston this January, 2014. Strand and his one-man crew spent a couple days with Pastor Joe Souza of Celebration Church, and with Pastor Matt Chewning of NetCast Church. And what he saw and reported was a great truth about a not-so-new approach to planting healthy churches: loving and serving people.

Chewning: overseeing new church, new believers, old doctrines

Matt Chewning is a pastor and a church planter on the North Shore in Beverly.  He is one-of-a-kind for sure. But in many ways Chewning’s journey reflects the journey of all of our planters: with the job description comes a lot of responsibility.

Chewning’s one year-old church has grown. And it has done so in large part because NetCast Church is a body of faithful believers, living out a kind of real, authentic, gospel community that people long for and need.

And as visitors have come and heard the living Word preached from the pulpit, many of these visitors come to life by turning from sin and trusting in Jesus Christ.

And as these new believers learn more about the God and His Word, they have more questions; questions about the Gospel and this new heart they have received. And a lot of people might think the conversation stays right there. It does not.

Our planters are charged with loving and bringing new members of God’s family into the family of the church, into the body of Christ. And with that all pastors must be on-purpose about teaching things like believer’s baptism, the Lord’s Supper, church membership, stewardship, church discipline and so much more. And all this in New England to a group of people who more than likely are confronting these issues for  first time – ever.

So how does a church planter do that?

Every pastor is going to have his own process for teaching his congregation these issues. That teaching will always come first from the Word of God, through discipleship and through simply living these principles out in front of the congregation. But, beyond that, we can learn something from Chewning’s transparency and his fearless in-your-faceness.

  • For those in the worship service, and with titles like “Life & the Gospel,” “Jesus Is,” Christ gone wild,” “Sex: the Naked Truth,” to name a few, Chewning has opted to preach expositionally but inside series that connect folks’ real life questions to the fundamental truths of the Gospel.
  • As an online resource he recently posted a video Q & A Series called “Confessions of a Pastor” where he speaks briefly to questions among others like “Can you trust the Bible?,” and “Why do churches want my money?”
  • More recently, in response to questions about female leadership in the church, Chewning uses his Blog to post Women Leaders and Pastors at NetCast Church, a careful and thorough explanation of an often misunderstood topic.

That’s just Chewning. The question is what is you? How are you using using your platform for Christ to create a healthy church that will eventually multiply, and do the same, and do the same. Let us know what you are thinking. We appreciate your comments.


Matt Chewning Church Planter Beverly

BOSTON –  announced today the launch of its video interview with Matt Chewning, church planter and pastor in Beverly, MA.

Beverly –It is an outpost in the North Shore, a lighthouse for northern Massachusetts and New Hampshire. And the man God is using there is from none other than Greensboro, North Carolina? Yes, while Matt Chewning does come from the South, he comes via New Jersey, where he grew up and came to really understand the Northeast. Listen in as Matt relates how his perspectives on New England have changed since he arrived there in 2010.

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