NAMB Interview with Josh Wyatt: The Answer

NAMB sent a production team to Boston in 2012 to get answers.

“If there is a God, why would he put me through this?” That was the question Sherdain Carter asked when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. In this video, see how Josh Wyatt and the Southern Baptist church he planted in Sherdain’s Boston neighborhood helped her find the answer.

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Charles River Church: a Focus on Discipleship

The Brown FamilySara Shelton is a writer for the North American Mission Board and covers the Northeast Region.

By Sara Shelton
North American Mission Board

When church planter Josh Wyatt first met Boston resident Sherdain, it was at her home on Washington Street. A resident of the low-income housing project that Wyatt and his team had recently decided to sponsor, Sherdain was unemployed and hardened by her struggle to make ends meet. She attended a resume building seminar hosted by Wyatt’s team in her complex with the hope that she might come away with a better chance at finding a job. What she got was so much more.

“After that seminar, we stuck with Sherdain,” Wyatt recalls. “We walked with her as she applied for jobs and tried to get back on her feet, and slowly, the walls started to come down.”

Eventually, Sherdain came to faith in Christ. Baptized by Wyatt, she now serves in leading children’s ministry events at her complex on Washington Street, hoping to lead other families to faith just as she was.

Sherdain’s is just one of the hearts in and around the Boston metro area that Wyatt and his team are reaching through Charles River Church. Started just two years ago, they have already developed a strong discipleship community, seeing 23 professions of faith since they opened their doors. This type of response is unique for a city like Boston. The majority of the population is transient, making it difficult for churches to see any sort of long-term commitment. The city boasts a large community of well-educated, young professionals, many of whom bear the weight of past hurts and hang ups in regards to the Christian faith.

“We have found that people are really frank with their beliefs and disbeliefs here,” Wyatt says. “But we love that. We love the honesty of the people in our city in regards to the Christian faith. Even when it’s negative, it’s still a starting point.”

This culture is a far cry from the Bible-saturated South where Wyatt was raised. Growing up in a suburb just outside of Atlanta, Ga., opportunities to be involved in church were abundant for Wyatt. Part of a church plant meeting in his high school, Josh’s eyes were opened to the missional nature of church planting.

“I was deeply impacted by this young church and its commitment to missions,” he recalls. “It was the first time I saw how God can use a strategic new work to really impact an entire region.”

After developing a growing burden for underserved areas like the Northeast while in college, Wyatt and his wife, Becky, were asked to be a part of a new church plant in Princeton, Mass. Seven years later, the Wyatts made the decision to step out on faith and put down roots in Boston by planting Charles River Church.

“It was God’s providence that let us serve in Princeton first. He gave us seven years of fruitful ministry and preparation. I was able to acclimate to the culture and learn the needs of the area firsthand. When Boston began growing heavy on our hearts, we knew we had to go. If we wanted to impact the region, the best place to start was the hub.”

Wyatt and his team at Charles River Church are working diligently to reach the hub of New England with the gospel of Christ. Slowly but surely, they are working to evangelize the city of Boston, encouraging members of their church to connect in discipleship wherever they may be.

“We really have this vision that the members of our church will seek out their own personal ministries and it may not be things like being a greeter or a group leader,” Wyatt explains. “Their personal ministry may be unique relationships with neighbors on their block or with the small group of people they work with in their offices. It could be a mom’s group they attend outside of work or the group of families they see every week at soccer practice. We are asking our people to commit and invest deeply in those relationships because that’s what it will take to lead the people of Boston back to Christ.”

Wyatt is encouraging the members of Charles River Church to think missionally, not just in the city of Boston but also for the entire New England area.

“We want to become a church that serves as a training ground for church planters, eventually sending out church planters and teams out all over New England. We have a vision not to build up our own little kingdom here but to see the kingdom of God built in Boston, New England, and, truly, all over the world.”

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Sara Shelton is a writer for the North American Mission Board and covers the Northeast Region.

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CRC Weekly – January 26, 2012

Hi CRC! Here’s your WEEKLY!


This Friday-Sunday, January 27-29th, we will be taking 6 teenagers from the Washington St Complex to join approximately 300 other students at Encounter Winter Retreat in Jaffrey, NH where Pastor Josh will be preaching. Thank you to everyone who gave to sponsor these students. Please keep Pastor Josh, our six students, and our two small group leaders in prayer this weekend.


Our next Kids Connect will be February 4th from 9:30am-Noon. We will meet at the Housing Complex then we’ll be heading to Fallon Field in Roslindale for our sledding outreach, followed by hot chocolate. If there is no snow we will do an alternative regular Kids Connect. There is a required training at 5:30 PM on January 29th for anyone interested in serving this month’s Kids Connect. If you are interested in serving and mentoring these students, please email [Kristina Johnson] for more info. 


The Washington-Beech Housing Complex in Roslindale is in need of after school one on one tutors and mentors. If you are interested in helping serve these students one day a week for 1-2 hours, contact [Syndal] for more information. This is a great opportunity to build lasting relationships with students and their families!

Sunday, February 5th, is Super Bowl Sunday with kick off at 6:30pm. We are always encouraging you to live with intentionality with regards to our mission to make disciples. Since Super Bowl Sunday is a great opportunity to connect, we will push our regular 6pm Worship Gathering to 4-5:15pm on February 5th. Take this opportunity to gather with friends, neighbors, coworkers, and members of our church family!

 Take care, brothers, lest there be in any of you an evil, unbelieving heart, leading you to fall away from the living God. But exhort one another every day, as long as it is called “today,” that none of you may be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin. Hebrews 3:12-14

Enjoy your weekend and we will see you on Sunday!


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Josh Wyatt Church Planter Boston Roslindale

BOSTON –  announced today the launch of its video interview with Josh Wyatt, church planter and pastor in West Roxbury / Roslindale, MA.

West Roxbury / Roslindale – They are the westernmost towns in Boston proper. Yet, West Roxbury and Roslindale couldn’t be more different. Check in with Josh Wyatt of Charles River Church and learn how he is serving folks from both sides of life. And in living the Love of Christ, Wyatt says he and his teams are earning the right to share the Gospel.

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