Missionary Couple Comes to Serve Boston Planters, Teams


Scott and Lori Jabloski are short-term missionaries in Boston… kinda.

Moving from the Atlanta area to Revere, MA in early June, 2014, the Jablonskis have come for at least the summer to serve church planters by coordinating and assisting with mission teams and events.

And they didn’t waste any time. The week they arrived, they ran point on the Boston Church Planting family picnic in Winthrop with a mission team of 70+ from First Baptist Church Prattville, AL. The next day, the Jablonskis were back at it, setting up for the same team to lead worship for an outdoor Sunday service in Malden, MA.

First to arrive and last to leave. Nothing new for Scott and Lori.

“That’s just how we roll,” said Scott, 40.

It is a new season of ministry. After 19+ years in youth ministry in the local church, the Jablonskis are officially MSC Missionaries with the North American Mission Board, which means 100 percent of their support is raised through partnerships with faithful friends, families, and churches.

If you are a Boston church planter and you have not connected with the Jablonskis please email or call Scott at (404) 788-1240

The following is taken from their profile page on NAMB.net:

Partnering together to equip and encourage Church Planters of Boston!1023666_203144453886

Over the past year, God has continued to burden our hearts for the lost in Boston. It is overwhelming as you consider that less than 3% of people in Boston are evangelical. Currently there are 42 church planters trying to reach over 3.9 million in the greater Boston area. These church planters face many hardships – relocating their families to a new area, engaging a difficult culture, and trying to building a church from the ground up, all the while working a full-time job. So this summer, Lori and I will be traveling up to Boston to work alongside these planters. We are excited about the opportunity to encourage, equip and help with logistics. We invite you to join us in three specific ways:

1. We need prayer partners. Ministry is difficult and spiritual warfare is real. God is moving mightily in Boston. We need people to lift Lori and I up while we are on the ground, as well as lifting up the church planters in prayer. 

2. We need people/teams to come and serve. There is so much to be done in Boston and countless opportunities to serve. Contact me about opportunities.

3. We need financial partners. It is very expensive to live and work in Boston. Housing is one of the biggest expenses. Besides, we will be keeping our apartment in Atlanta. Thankfully Scott’s boss has been gracious enough to give him 8 weeks off to go and serve. However this means we will not have his income during the summer. Please consider how you can help invest into these planters, Boston and eternity. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like further information about Boston. Scott’s email is pastorjabo@gmail.com. 

Also you can follow Scott’s blog about Boston. Here is the link: pastorjabo.blogspot.com

“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Luke 10:2 

Maine Mission Team First Ever to Travel South to Boston

Sometimes it’s actually cool to be first. Just ask the mission team that came recently from Maine – the first-ever mission team to travel south – to serve Boston church planters.

“I love it,” said Pastor Daniel Coleman of Kennebec Community Church in Augusta, ME. “We were a church plant just 10 years ago, and it’s great for us to be able to help other planters right here in our own back yard.”

Their mission indeed was to help planters – plural. Coleman and Missions Pastor Manny Conchinha, with Ron Bansmer, Aaron Manning, Jan Corcoran, and Jonathan Lagasse came over a long weekend June 4, 2014 through June 8, 2014 to help four different church plants with work projects, community service projects, and outreach. 

On Thursday, June 5, 2014, they painted the entire fellowship hall for Todd Burus‘ new plant in Charlestown, MA. The next day, they were with Steve Brown in Stoneham, MA, re-landscaping the front lot of local business.

“It was so rewarding,” said team member Corcoran. “We blessed the planter by really blessing a local sandwich shop owner, who was just blown away by the way the project came out. It was awesome.”

 Friday night, the team was in Saugus helping Joe Souza‘s plant re-organize a cluttered media closet. Then Saturday morning, they served with Brandon Allison in Revere, MA at a local community 5K run, then headed over to Winthrop, MA to man the food line at the Boston church planter family picnic.KCC_2

Finally, Sunday morning, they were off to Souza’s baptism service at a church member’s house, and then over to serve at an outdoor service in a park in Malden, MA.

“It was a whirlwind,” said Conchinha. “We are definitely tired. But it was worth it.”

Amen. Thank you KCC for coming.

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Alabama Mission Team Blesses Boston Planters

Boston church planters have been blessed in recent years by dozens of short-term mission teams. But few teams have traveled like First Baptist Church of Prattville, Al: on a charter bus.

With more than 70 folks in tow – mostly the teenage members of the Senior High Choir – they left Alabama June 5, 2014 headed for Philadelphia, PA; Long Island, NY; and finally Boston.

That is where we caught up with them on Saturday, June 7, 2014 at the Boston Church Planting church planter family picnic in Winthrop, MA.  Their mission was to bring music and song, drama, puppets, and the Good News to everyone they encountered.

Special thanks go out to Pastor Mitch Loftin and the team, that also brought along an evangelistic bracelet craft that they used in the park to share the gospel with folks. Alabama_Team2

From Winthrop, MA on Saturday, the tour moved on to an outdoor Sunday service with Celebration Church in Malden, MA – complete with a huge cookout that fed not only their team but the neighborhood passers-by.

Sunday afternoon brought a new adventure as the team headed out to Charlestown, MA to run a VBS at the First Brazilian Baptist Church there.

We are so grateful for everyone who traveled to Boston to help us advance the gospel here. You have our prayers. Keep it up!