Challenges to Planting in Boston: This place is really expensive

Challenges to Planting in Boston: This place is really expensive

Boston is well known for being one of the top-ten most expensive cities in the country. But, when two parking spaces in the Back Bay (pictured above) sell for more than $500,000, one surely scratches one’s head.

Yes, in a city where the average home price is barely less than $500K, the government auction last Thursday was certainly in the news (read the entire story here on the Boston Globe).

What’s really news – and it’s not a new conversation – is that this is a place of excesses and extremes. Greater-Boston in general, and places like the Back Bay specifically are in a state of hyper-cool and hyper-demand. Great news for sellers and landlords. Not-so-great news for church planters, and Regular Joe.

Many have tried and failed to plant in Greater-Boston because they have not counted the cost; both spiritually and financially. To a man, church planters here talk about a disciple-making cycle that is much, much longer and a financial mountain that is much, much higher.

It is an unenviable paradox, from Newburyport in the North Shore, to Boston and down to Plymouth in the South Shore, that the greatest numbers of people – lost people who we desperately want to share Christ with – reside in neighborhoods that our church planters can hardly afford to live in.

Though unenviable, this is a challenge we are facing head-on, by stressing partnerships, informing our planters well in advance of their moves, and helping connect them to resources.

Are you thinking about coming to an area of Boston? Make sure to connect with our catalyst Joe Souza.




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We hope our church planting catalyst may help you find some answers as you explore your call to Boston. Connect with our church planting catalyst, Joe Souza here.

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