Marc Simeon covenants to bring Haitian church into the family

NEEDHAM. MA – From right: Pastor Marc Simeon with sponsor church pastor Emmanuel Fontaine.  Behind: Eileen Fullerton of the GBBA with NAMB Strategist Joe Souza.

NEEDHAM, MA – A mission that began in Haiti and led to Boston nearly 27 years ago has come full circle. And Pastor Marc Simeon is “back in Boston for good,” he exclaimed last December as he signed a covenant agreement to become a member of the Boston Church Planting family.

It was at that End-of-the-Year Christmas party in 2011 he made things official, but it was actually in the late 1960s, early 1970s when his story began in Haiti.

“I can’t remember a time when I did not know Jesus, ” said Simeon, who grew up a the son of a deacon and singer in the local church. His father later made it to the U.S. and in 1985, at the age of 18, Simeon came to join him in Boston.

Simeon began his Christian service in earnest then in 1986 at Bethesda Haitian Baptist Church. “I was teaching Sunday schools, presiding over services as youth leader and I began to sense a call,” Simeon said.

He married in 1992, and moved to Orlando, FL to serve with Philadelphia Haitian Baptist Church. He moved back to Boston the first time in 1997, when “the call was so obvious I began going to Bible school.” He completed his undergrad in Pastoral Care and Urban ministry at Gordon Conwell. He was ordained in 2001 back at Bethesda.

Just two years later, Simeon answered the call to further his theological training and found himself at Mid-America Baptsit Theological Seminary in Germantown TN. His travels continued: he moved to Georgia in 2007 then back to Orlando, and finally in what he sensed as a surrender-type of moment, back to Boston, the place his ministry had begun. It was July, 2010 and it was time to start a church.

“I knew I wanted to to start a Baptist church,” he said. And in August of that year Christ the Rock Congregation, located at 535 Canton Avenue in Milton, MA was born.

 Simeon finally connected with NAMB Strategist Joe Souza in 2011 and “things started moving fast,” he said. “Joe helped me with all the paperwork and got me plugged in with all the other planters. It was all good to finally connect, and we have been welcomed. We are on the same mission. I even saw people we have not seen since my time at Bethesda. So it was a lot like coming home.”

Contact Marc Simeon at (857) 318-4215
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