Nerger and BCNE to expand

BOSTON – Steve Nerger of the Baptist Convention of New England ( announced today the expansion of the new Web-based initiative at Building on a concept that was launched in April, 2011 with a series of online videos, Nerger and BCNE church planting strategist Joe Souza are moving now into Phase II: identifying and profiling the top 30 target cities for church planting in the greater-Boston area.

“There is such a tremendous need in the Boston area.” Souza said. “Our plan is to profile the top 30 target areas and just keep that momentum going.  We need thousands of churches here. And we have to be able to package vital information online for potential church planters. That is our present push.”

The 30 towns to be studied will be split equally between the North Shore and the South Shore. Each will be organized on into a new sub-site called “inTown,” where demographic data, images and testimonials will drive home the core message of each community. The end goal of the current project, according to Nerger, is to really relate to potential church planters the vibe of a town; its strengths, challenges, and needs.

And in Boston, an area that is less than two percent evangelical, there are sure to be certain aspects of a community that are shared across community lines. Yet, each town still has its own history, its own character and culture. That’s why they call them “townies” up here.  There is a deep, long tradition of family and town pride that has been forged primarily by Catholicism and Universalist type of world view thinking.

Still, a God-breathed blitz of  Southern Baptist church planters coming to Boston over the last two years has given Souza and Nerger a lot to be encouraged about.

“Boston church planting is on the move,” Souza said. “Our hope is that God will continue to send church planters here, and that we will be able to steer them faithfully into effective ministries in our communities.”