Chris Willis Church Planter Boston Weymouth

BOSTON –  announced today the launch of its interview and video with Chris Willis, church planter and pastor of Discovery Church, Weymouth, MA.

Weymouth –A lot of things start to look a lot different as you head south from Boston toward the Cape. Other things just don’t change at all. Listen in as Pastor Chris Willis takes you into the heart of Discovery Church and the community he is serving in Weymouth.

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Chris Bass Church Planter Boston Watertown

BOSTON –  announced today the launch of its interview and video with Chris Bass, church planter and pastor of Redeemer Fellowship Church, Watertown, MA.

Watertown –One of the greatest challenges in planting a church in Boston is finding an affordable place to meet. Most look for a school or maybe a storefront. Chris Bass bought a 35,000 SF church in Watertown, MA. It is definitely not the norm. Find out how and why inside Redeemer Fellowship Church

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Bland Mason Church Planter Boston Brookline

BOSTON –  announced today the launch of its interview and video with Bland Mason, church planter and pastor of City on a Hill Church Brookline / Allston, MA.

Brookline -A lot of guys would a take Ph.D. from Southern Seminary and seek a prestigious pulpit. A few like Bland Mason will move to Boston to plant a church. Take a look inside Mason’s City on a Hill Church, which is meeting now in both Brookline and in Allston. With more than two year’s now on the ground in New England, Mason’s insights and perspectives are invaluable.

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James Thomasson Church Planter Taunton

BOSTON –  announced today the launch of its interview and video with James Thomasson, church planter and pastor in Taunton, MA.

Taunton –James Thomasson’s vision is to make Taunton, MA a church planting hub for Southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. And in God’s providence, that initiative is moving forward. From a small group meeting in a Holiday Inn conference room to finally this year meeting in its first 24-7 space, Meeting House Church is taking advantage of Thomasson’s perspective on suburban, southern Mass church planting. And you can too.

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Boston CP Center featured in SEBTS blog

Boston CP Center was recently featured in the Missions Blog of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC.

The Center is forging a relationship with Southeastern to soon be able to offer for-credit courses in both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.

Check out the [ article  here ] and look for great things to come from this relationship in the near future.

Dan BK Church Planter Boston

BOSTON –  announced today the launch of its interview and video with Dan BK, Nepalese church planter and pastor in Boston / New England.

Cambridge –The first thing you notice at a Nepalese worship service is No. 1, these folks are speaking and praying in Nepali, and No. 2, they are doing it very loudly. Dan BK is a Nepalese immigrant with a mind for bottling that enthusiasm and evangelizing the entire New England Nepali and Bhutanese population. And with four churches already started in just over a year, all bets are Dan BK. Check in with Dan in Cambridge at Hope Fellowship Church.

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Charles River Church is Moving

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We’re moving … but just down the road.

Beginning May 22nd Charles River Church will be moving from the West Roxbury Education Complex into the Boston School of Modern Languages at Roslindale Village. Our worship time will also change from 10am to 6pm every Sunday.

//A beautiful vintage church building with intimate worship space
//Great space for the children
//Easy access for West Boston residents
//Located on numerous bus routes #14/30/34/35/36/37/59
//Numerous before/after church fellowship options
(parks, cafe’s, Harvard Arboretum, Falon Field, quick access to downtown via Orange line)

Boston School of Modern Languages
814 South St
Boston, MA

Charles River Church – Boston