Joe Souza Church Planter Boston Saugus

BOSTON –  announced today the launch of its video interview with Joe Souza, church planter and pastor in Saugus, MA.

Saugus and the North Shore – With a population of just 27,000, and a location 13 miles north of Boston, it might be easy to underestimate the town of Saugus. It is very significant though as for decades prior it was home to the northernmost Southern Baptist church in all of Greater Boston / North Shore. Thankfully, with Celebration Church and the new, Netcast Church in Beverly that is no longer the case.  Click play on this video to hear Joe Souza’s vision for the Gospel, for church planting and for the North Shore.

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Matt Chewning Church Planter Beverly

BOSTON –  announced today the launch of its video interview with Matt Chewning, church planter and pastor in Beverly, MA.

Beverly –It is an outpost in the North Shore, a lighthouse for northern Massachusetts and New Hampshire. And the man God is using there is from none other than Greensboro, North Carolina? Yes, while Matt Chewning does come from the South, he comes via New Jersey, where he grew up and came to really understand the Northeast. Listen in as Matt relates how his perspectives on New England have changed since he arrived there in 2010.

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Tanner Turley Church Planter Boston Medford

BOSTON –  announced today the launch of its interview and video with Tanner Turley, church planter and pastor of Redemption Hill Church  in Medford, MA.

Medford –With the students of Tufts University in the west and multi-generational neighborhoods in the east, the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic challenge of Medford, MA were just what Tanner Turley was looking for. With his team from North Carolina, Turley and Chasteen and Miller and Cook are now living examples of Christ serving the community in both practical and spiritual ways.

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Josh Wyatt Church Planter Boston Roslindale

BOSTON –  announced today the launch of its video interview with Josh Wyatt, church planter and pastor in West Roxbury / Roslindale, MA.

West Roxbury / Roslindale – They are the westernmost towns in Boston proper. Yet, West Roxbury and Roslindale couldn’t be more different. Check in with Josh Wyatt of Charles River Church and learn how he is serving folks from both sides of life. And in living the Love of Christ, Wyatt says he and his teams are earning the right to share the Gospel.

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